Why Choose Us as Your Napa Realtor?

Connie & Jamie

Real Estate Agents Napa – Who We Are:

  We are Connie and Jamie! We are a mother-daughter Real Estate team serving Napa County and the surrounding communities. We established this unique partnership in 2005 and never looked back. We truly enjoy working together whether it is in the day to day operations in the office, meeting with clients to show property, doing open houses, or any of the other exciting things that we get to do as Realtors in Napa! Sometimes you only get one of us, but always know we are both actively engaged in your Real Estate transaction. We are passionate about what we do and we are sure our families’ tire of us talking about it at the dinner table! Speaking of families, we love family time and spending time with our clients and their families! A little about our family… Connie and her husband Steve are Napa Natives, both graduating from Napa High School. They built their home in the Browns Valley area in the mid 1980’s. Steve is a general building contractor in the valley specializing in remodels and finish work. They have two children, Jamie and Scott. Scott and Jamie attended local schools and both graduated from Napa High School. Scott works in the wine industry at the Flora Springs Winery estate property, one day he hopes to join the Real Estate team! Jamie and her husband Zack are also both Napa natives and have two little boys, Cade and Carson, who run the show and keep them on their toes! Zack is a physical education teacher at Napa High School and is the Head Coach of the Men’s Basketball at Napa High School. We are dog lovers (really we love all animals)! We both have amazing yellow Labradors who are litter mates, Luca and Lucy.

We Are Experienced:

People often say experience counts, in this business that could not be a truer statement. No one transaction is alike and coordinating the efforts of buyers, sellers, lenders, inspectors, repair people, and escrow folks takes experience. Having experience also means that we have seen a lot of things and can effectively navigate the situation should we stumble across a speedbump or challenge in your transaction. We have been real estate agents in Napa for a long time and we strive to use our experience and help clients in the best way possible.

What does experience look like?

  • 2015 $31.12 Million in Volume
  • 2016 $34.8 Million in Volume 62 Transactions
  • 2017 $41.9  Million in Volume 66 Transactions

What We Do:

We specialize in residential real estate which includes single family homes, condos/townhomes, vacant land, and estate properties in Napa, Sonoma, and Solano Counties.

Why Connie and Jamie as your Realtor in Napa?

  • We get the job done. Buying and selling can sometimes be a stressful and emotional experience, we work hard to keep the waters calm and keep you focused on the end result.
  • We have an aggressive marketing plan and a diverse approach to making sure your property has great exposure.
  • We love what we do and we are passionate about the business. Work is more fun when you like what you do.
  • Being Napa Natives has its perks. We have intimate knowledge of our community and neighborhoods.
  • We have amazing support staff behind us!
  • We are resourceful. Our jobs often entail other tasks besides the actual acquisition or sale of real estate including (but certainly not limited to): staging, obtaining inspections, clearing out homes/removal of personal property, landscaping coordination, repairs and maintenance.
  • There are two of us. Having two Real Estate professionals working for you has many benefits: we use each other as a sounding board and are able to brainstorm and troubleshoot situations together, we both provide different perspectives and have different ideas and concepts about marketing approaches, we can divide and conquer – sometimes scheduling requires that we are at different places at the same time, because there are two of us we can accommodate a variety of scheduling needs. You need real estate agents in Napa that are flexible and care.
  • We are good communicators. There are many means of communication these days including the good old mail system, and yes, some people fax us still, but primarily we are accessible by phone, email, and text. Just tell us how you prefer to communicate and that is what we will work with.

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