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Twice The Commitment To Your Real Estate Needs

  We are Connie and Jamie – a mother-daughter Real Estate team serving Napa County and the surrounding communities. We established this unique partnership in 2005 and never looked back. Our Napa real estate company is devoted to making our clients happy. We truly enjoy working together whether it is in the day to day operations in the office, meeting with clients to show property, doing open houses, or any of the other exciting things that we get to do as Realtors! Sometimes you only get one of us, but always know we are both actively engaged in your Real Estate transaction. We are passionate about what we do and we are sure our families’ tire of us talking about it at the dinner table! Speaking of families, we love family time and spending time with our clients and their families! A little about our family… Read More  

Connie & Jamie: Your Trusted Napa, CA, Real Estate Team

When it comes to buying or selling Napa, CA, real estate, you want to make sure you have a team of experienced real estate professionals on your side. Napa natives, Connie and Jamie, have the experience you need and the knowledge you can trust.

Twice the Commitment

Having an experienced real estate professional on your side can make a huge difference in ensuring the smoothest sale possible. Having two experienced Napa real estate professionals, however, provides you with twice the benefits, including:
  • Collaborative brainstorming and troubleshooting
  • Different perspectives
  • Different marketing approaches
  • Ability to divide and conquer tasks
  • Accommodating scheduling needs
When you have the mother and daughter real estate team of Connie and Jamie on your side, you get twice the commitment to ensuring your needs and desires are met.

Benefit from Insider Experience from Napa, CA, Natives

No one knows an area better than someone who was born and raised there. Both Connie and Jamie are born and raised Napa Valley natives, giving them a unique level of local experience. Whether you are looking for something for your family, a second home, investment property, or even something to accommodate your downsizing needs, they know the top areas and can identify the best opportunities to meet your specific needs.

What to Expect

Besides a team of dedicated and passionate real estate professionals, when you choose to work with Connie and Jamie, you can expect them to strive to provide a smooth and seamless experience in finding your ideal home. Looking to sell? Connie and Jamie can help polish your property to showcase it in its best light and impress motivated buyers. Looking to buy? Let us know what you envision as your next home and we will get you set up to receive timely listing alerts based on your specific criteria. Why wait? Contact Connie and Jamie today to learn more about how they can help with buying or selling Napa, CA, real estate!