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Seller Tips:
Considering Selling? Here are some tips to get you on your way:
  • Contact your Realtor to discuss the market conditions. The real estate market fluctuates based on supply and demand, interest rates, economic conditions, and other factors.
  • Determine if there are tax implications involved in selling your home. It is always best to discuss your home’s sale with a tax professional who can advise you on the tax benefits or consequences of the sale.
  • Timing is a critical component to selling. Are you considering another purchase? Are you relocating out of the area? There are many factors that we consider when helping you determine the best time to put your home on the market. If you are making a subsequent purchase, knowing what price you can expect from your sale will often set the parameters for the search of the replacement property.
  • Work with a Local Realtor® that has intimate knowledge of the market and the resources and tools to effectively market and sell your home.
  • Consider pre-listing inspections to see what the true condition is. We typically recommend a termite inspection, roof inspection, and sometimes a chimney inspection. Your Realtor® can assist you in coordinating the inspectors to obtain the reports.
  • To establish value, your Realtor® will likely prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which will outline the information on recent comparable sales of like kind properties and/or properties in your neighborhood.
  • Prepare your home for sale; you only get one chance to make a first impression. Your first showing will usually be on the internet with the buyers searching online and viewing the photos and property details. Make sure your photographs accurately depict your home and showcase important features.
  • Take an impartial look at your home, make repairs to correctable flaws. This could be something as small as replacing a burnt out light bulb, to paint touch up, to pulling out old landscaping.
  • Before making any costly improvements or repairs, consult your Realtor® to ensure that is necessary and a benefit for the sale.
  • Clean out the clutter! Buyers will look in your closets and cabinets; make sure these areas are accessible and tidy. Fold towels and linens nicely, box up items that are seasonal or that you are not using.
  • Good housekeeping is important when you are marketing your home. This can be a difficult task when you are living in the home and sometimes with children, guests, or pets. Consider the services of a house cleaner periodically during the listing period; your Realtor® may be able to assist you in coordinating someone to come in every one to two weeks to keep the home in tip top shape!
  • Window cleaning falls into the housekeeping category as well. If you are marketing your home outside of the rainy season, have someone thoroughly clean your windows and screens.
  • Landscaping and curb appeal are important features to buyers. Maintain the upkeep of your existing landscaping; a fresh layer of bark can be an affordable and attractive update, as well as filling in any potted plants with seasonal flowers or drought tolerant plants. If your patio or driveway needs pressure washing, that is a low cost and efficient way to spruce up those areas. Make your front entry inviting by adding a new door mat.
  • When showing your home here are a few considerations that people do not always think of:
    • Do not cook anything that has a powerful odor
    • Do not use the shower immediately prior to a showing, it can leave a musty smell
    • Put dishes away and leave sink cleared out
    • Put the toilet seats down
    • Empty garbage cans (or place in stored area)
    • If you have pets, clean up any land mines in the yard and/or the kitty box
    • If you do not want a door locked, leave the agents a clearly written note, taped to the door
    • If you do not want pets in or out, leave the agents a note
    • If you are leaving for the showing, turn on lights and open blinds, turn on music if you wish
    • Put your valuables and prescription medications away
    • Clear off photos and/or notes on your refrigerator
    • Minimize personal photos throughout the home, you want the buyer to see your house and not be distracted by photographs
    • If your landscaping is on an automatic timer, do not set it for a time when someone may be showing the house
If you are considering selling, we would love to chat with you and demonstrate the unique differences in working with Connie and Jamie!

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