Our Napa, CA-based Real Estate Experts Present 4 Bedroom Design Issues to Avoid When Listing Properties

The bedroom is an important space within the home during the open house stage. Those viewing the property should be able to see themselves within the home, and the bedroom should be their own private space to enjoy. In staging the bedroom design for the open house, there are a multitude of mistakes home sellers make.

Within this post, our Napa, CA-based real estate team explores four common bedroom design mistakes to avoid when listing properties.

  1. Too Many Pillows

A towering display of pillows can prevent buyers from experiencing the full space within the bedroom. It can be a distraction that detracts from the optimal viewing experience. And so, to prevent distractions, try to ensure that there’s only the pillows you use for sleeping on the bed during the staging process.

  1. Oversized Furnishings

Another common error is using furnishings that are simply too big for the room. When the bedroom space has a bed that is too small, the room will feel too empty. However, when the bed is too large, it can cramp the space and make the viewer feel as if there’s not too much room. The furnishings should be scaled to the size of the room. Try to make the space feel open without being empty and make sure there’s enough room for visitors to walk around the bed and see all the available space within the bedroom area.

  1. Bright Paint Tones

If painting for the staging process, try to use paint tones that won’t require the buyers to repaint the property. For example, many sellers think that painting their child’s room a bright pink or neon green color will attract buyers with children. The opposite effect usually occurs. The buyer will see they have to repaint the area and might be put off buying the home.

  1. Cluttered Shelving

The shelving space is also a critical element for buyers within the Napa, CA real estate market. They want to see they have the available room for each of their belongings. Homeowners should make sure one or two shelves are free, and that any items remaining on the shelves is neatly arranged for viewing. This will help present a calmer environment to potential buyers and show them the potential storage available within the home.

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