Selling Napa Valley real estate-just like any property isn’t always fun. With all the different moving parts to a sale it can be easy to get bogged down in the nitty gritty details and forget that this moment will be a big moment in yours and your family’s life. Homes for sale in Napa Valley fortunately are very desirable so finding a great buyer will likely happen relatively quickly. But there are a few ways to keep the selling process fun and lighthearted so that selling your piece of Napa Valley real estate feels like a burden lifted rather than a long, drawn-out process.

Do fun things while your house is being shown!

We live in one of the most scenic parts of California! Use that to your advantage and go do something fun while your home is being shown! There are a ton of fantastic hiking trails, The Vine Trail running from Napa to Yountville offers an amazing bike path and the Napa River Trail offers 4.2 miles from Trancas Street to Kennedy Park. There are other great bike routes throughout the valley including some incredible climbs!

Have the move be a source of joy in the house.

Frame the move in a positive light. You can do so by exploring your new neighborhood’s fun new features, putting together a photo collage of the new home, or place pictures on your refrigerator. If you are purchasing a home in or around the Napa Valley, the charm of our area will bring smiles all around.

Get professionals to help!

There are all sorts of businesses designed to help make your move an easy and seamless transition. Contractors, professional cleaners, stagers, and landscapers can improve your house and your overall experience!

Celebrate milestones in the selling process.

Even under the best of circumstances be sure to celebrate the little victories. Have you approached a contingency date without incident? Great! Celebrate with a meal out or cheers with a glass of wine. Remember the stress is temporary and focus on the bigger goal in front of you.

Declutter for your own peace of mind.

We often get bogged down by our own belongings and sometimes it is easier to just shove that pile of papers in a drawer or those books in a closet. Take a cursory look around, if you see something you haven’t used for over a year or you are not planning on taking to the next house, it is okay to let it go! Social media sites like Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace can be great places to offload your treasures and give them a new home elsewhere.

Need help with the prep work? Not sure where to start? It’s okay, we are here to help, give us a call today!