If you’re an experienced buyer or seller, then you know not every transaction actually makes it to the end. In any Napa CA homes for sale, certain requirements and conditions must be met to successfully close the sale. From not delivering specific disclosures to inspection issues, Napa CA real estate is subject to a lot tricky elements that require proper planning and knowledge. Read about some serious selling pitfalls and learn to avoid them when selling.

Not working with a realtor. We’re not totally against for-sale-by-owner homes but we want to make sure folks understand what goes into selling a home. A few responsibilities for selling Napa CA real estate include: being available to show home to buyers, market research for pricing, negotiating price, negotiating repairs, providing the right disclosures, handling appraisal problems, and more. Dealing with Napa CA homes for sale is a full time job, so consider a realtor as your partner in the transaction.

Not screening the offer. There’s a lot that goes into the purchase agreement and not screening the offer is a no-no. These questions will arise: how soon does the buyer wish to move-in? Does the buyer have to sell their current home before purchasing yours? Does the buyer want to keep any items in the home? Does the buyer want the seller’s credits or concessions? When selling your Napa CA real estate property, don’t forget about these factors.

Not screening buyers. When a seller gets an offer, it’s an exciting time. But do they know who’s buying? The buyer should have the minimum pre-qualification letter from a lender proving that they are approved or qualify. Failed loans often cause transactions to not succeed so we urge those handling Napa CA homes for sale to screen their buyers.

Inspection Issues. In California, buyers have a certain amount of time to perform inspections. In Napa CA homes for sale, some of the most common are pest reports, roof inspections, whole-house inspection. Each of these inspections serve an important role in determining if the sale even goes through. Sellers are encouraged to do inspections before listing the home so no surprises appear.

Failing to disclose. California’s disclosure laws are some of the strictest. Sellers must provide detailed info about the Napa CA real estate property. Letting this fall through the cracks of your transaction can mean a failed sale as well as legal trouble. Disclosed info includes environmental hazards, basic home info, etc. Failing to disclose also means Napa CA homes for sale buyers can withdraw their offer and deposit with no penalty.

There are a lot more issue that should be avoided when dealing with Napa CA homes for sale. These include appraisal issues, lender issues, and more. We understand your time is money and every day that your home is on the market means money lost. At Connie & Jamie, we strive to ensure your selling process is smooth and you don’t run into any of these common selling hazards. Do Napa CA real estate right and contact us today!