For home sellers, timing is everything. Even in a seller’s market, it’s crucial to follow the golden rules of listing a home. Napa Valley homes for sale must be listed even more strategically as the region is so competitive. Check out these stats to guide you through the Napa CA real estate world. Thursday isn’t just great because its closer to the weekend – it’s actually the most popular day for agents to show new listings.

According to Redfin real estate brokerage, homes listed on this day sell the fastest. Keep that in mind when entering the Napa CA real estate. Out of a 100,000 home sample in 2017, Redfin analyists found Sunday to be the worst day to list and then measured the advantages for each day of the week. Selling at an average of 5 days faster than homes listed on Sunday, were (you guessed it) Thursday homes. Homes listed on Thursday were more likely to sell within 90-180 days according to Redfin. PS: got Napa Valley homes for sale? Ask Connie and Jamie for help listing your Napa CA real estate property.

What’s the theory behind this Thursday madness? Most people tour listings over the weekend. These people also start planning their weekend on… Thursday! Stats tell us that the first day of listing receives 5 times more views than the subsequent days. A likely reason: most online real estate sites offer alerts of new listings to buyers. A common idea is that listing you Napa Valley homes for sale later in the weekend can cause more urgency, when in fact, listing it slightly early (like Wednesday) can result in more money. Redfin found that homes listed on Wednesday had a $2023 advantage in sale price over Sunday listed homes. Analysts couldn’t actually figure out why this is, but it’s important to consider when entering Napa CA real estate.

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