After months of deliberation, you have decided on your new home and now it’s time to start the (not so) fun part-actually moving!  Your realtor in Napa will have tips for moving into your new home, but these suggestions will stand for anyone making the big leap and a lifestyle change. Here are six great ways to help make your move easier to your new piece of Napa Valley real estate!

  1. Color markers: One of the first things to think of is how to organize everything in boxes. Getting color markers for labelling boxes makes for easy unpacking when needing to move things to specific rooms.
  2. Moving blankets: This is a great way to protect your investment in the floor you just purchased as well as protecting your furniture. Using these when moving heavy pieces of furniture will help you tremendously in the long run.
  3. Dolly/hand trucks: It goes without saying that a good dolly is invaluable when moving to your new home. Boxes and simple pieces of furniture are more easily and will save your back stress and move things along a little faster.
  4. Corner protectors: Not just for kids running around the house! Corner protectors will help to protect your furniture, you certainly don’t want to tear your favorite couch so be sure to put those foam corner protectors on and save yourself trouble.
  5. Mattress moving bag: To go along with the previous two, a moving bag is a necessity. Your mattress will likely be one of the most awkward things you have to move and you definitely don’t want your first night in your new home to be marred by a dirty or ripped mattress!
  6. Small plastic bags for disassembled parts: Who loves losing important small pieces to things? Nobody, that’s who. When taking apart any large piece of furniture be sure to keep bags for different nuts, bolts and screws separate and well-marked so you can easily find what you need when putting any furniture back together.

Planning ahead and having the right packing materials on hand will make your move less stressful and, hopefully, damage-free. So when you decide to move to the Napa Valley and need a helpful real estate professional in Napa, give us a call!