December is typically the least busy time for new home listings and sales activity. Some people even take their homes off the market and relist them in the new year. Still, listing and buying in the Yountville real estate market continues, as it can be an excellent time for negotiating sale prices.

Are you gearing up to sell your home in the new year, or have you invested in a property you want to resell? If so, you might be wondering if there are any budget-friendly renovations you can do to make your home stand out amongst the Napa homes for sale. Before you start, talk to one of the real estate agents at Connie & Jamie to learn which home improvements won’t make a dent in your wallet but will pay off when you sell.

Best Home Renovations For the Yountville Real Estate Market

Giving your home a makeover before you list can help boost its selling price, often by up to 20 percent—as long as you choose projects that deliver the biggest bang for your buck. The most recent issue of the National Association of Realtors home staging report suggests these home improvements to make your home more attractive to buyers.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

New interior or exterior paint is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to enhance and update your home’s appearance. For maximum value, stick to neutral shades like white, beige, and greige.

Bathroom Refresh

Assuming they’re in decent condition, there’s no need to do complete bathroom renovations. Bathroom “refreshes,” like replacing a vanity, mirror, or fixtures, can make a room look and feel brand new.

Kitchen Update

The same goes for kitchens. Small investments that make a big impression include painting existing cabinets, swapping out dated hardware, and replacing damaged countertops or worn flooring.

Enhance Curb Appeal

To impress potential buyers and convey a sense of welcome when they drive up to your house, invest in things like:

  • Freshening up the front porch with new paint and plants.
  • Laying fresh mulch.
  • Trimming bushes and trees.

If you’re not painting the exterior, consider power-washing it along with your driveway, pathways, sidewalks, and other hard surfaces.

Napa Homes for Sale: Make Yours a Standout

Frugal fixes that make big visual impacts can be your best bet to recoup any improvements made before listing your home. From home staging to showcasing your property’s exterior appearance, Connie & Jamie is ready to help get your house in its best possible shape, ensuring it stands out in a hot real estate market. Contact us online today to learn more about all the real estate services we offer.