Napa County, CA – August 09, 2016 – Mother-daughter Napa, CA, real estate agents, Connie and Jamie, consider two important factors when setting real estate prices: pricing too high or two low can cost you time and money. Realistic pricing will achieve a maximum sales price in a reasonable amount of time. Their partnership, which started in 2005, has provided them with experience in determining optimal offering prices for properties.

Determining an accurate list price has a major influence on how the rest of the sale process unfolds. Correctly priced properties sell quickly, and the pricing appears fair to both the sellers and to the buyers. Homes that are adequately assessed and priced also tend to net more for the sellers than the alternatives.

Connie and Jamie help sellers balance a price that generates interest and hopefully leads to a quick sale with obtaining as much for the property as the market will bear. Initial-offering prices that are too high or too low have consequences for both buyers and sellers. 

A house that is priced too low automatically makes potential buyers question the quality of the home or the neighborhood. When a house is underpriced compared to similar properties in the area, prospective buyers wonder what might be wrong; they can’t help but be suspicious of hidden issues. Without knowing any more, many buyers might view the property and simply leave with unanswered questions.

Selling a house for too little means that the buyer might get a great deal, but the sellers walk away with less money in their pockets than they presumably should. 

A house that enters the selling market with a price that is too high can dissuade potential buyers from even considering it. Some sellers might wish to err on the side of a higher-priced listing, having the correct—but misguided—belief that they can always lower the price. Lowering a price after listing can be a sign to buyers of trouble. Buyers might not investigate to learn the reason; they might just view another property instead.  

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About Connie and Jamie

As two of the most well-known real estate agents in the Napa region, Connie Johnson and Jamie Johnson Cook have spent the last three years growing their business together and watching volume go from a little over $14 million in 2013 to over $31 million in 2015. The duo plans to eclipse that mark in 2016, further expanding their brand of client-oriented customer service.

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