Unsightly floor spots can be a real issue for many buyers of Yountville real estate, or any real estate for that matter. It could be anything-a carpet stain that just won’t come out or even just a scratch in the hardwood. These may seem like small details, but if you can get the little things about your home fixed, you can garner more attention on the market and hopefully sell at higher price!

First, let’s talk about the age-old terrible carpet stain. Fortunately for homeowners in the Wine Country, there are many local professional cleaners that can get even the toughest stains out of your carpet. A good deep cleaning definitely wouldn’t hurt anyway-so you may as well add on a spot service while you are getting the rest of the carpet done. Homes may have beautiful tile or hardwood floors that have seen better days, as your Realtor® for a good flooring contractor that may be able to seal little cracks, nicks, or even replace small sections. These folks have unique tools to their profession like special sealants and stains that can often at least minimize the visual damage to your real estate investment.

If after repairs a flaw in the floor is still noticeable, you may want to embark on some other minor improvements to make up for the floor issue. For example, a fresh coat of paint, deep cleaning fixtures, and other minor fix-ups perhaps will diminish that problem with the hardwood floor or the unsightly wine stain on the carpet!

Following the repairs, excellent staging will have to come next! By bringing in tasteful décor along with appropriate furniture, you can make your home stand out amongst the competition.  Professional staging companies will work to showcase the best features in your property so make sure to invest in the right services. Due to its proximity to the Bay Area and quaint atmosphere along Highway 29, Wine Country real estate is going to be a strong investment for years to come and by making just a few tweaks like these in your home you can catch the attention of a solid buyer with an eye for quality.