Ask any real estate agents in Napa CA and they’ll tell you, DIY upgrades are great ways to save money and boost the value of your Calistoga real estate. But not all jobs are equal! Some require more patience and skill than others. So before you start hammering away, check out some of these upgrades you can consider to give your home a new sparkle.

Easy Fixer-Uppers (Beginner Projects)

Lights Fixtures

The smallest details in a home can help change its aura and atmosphere and by revising the light fixtures and switches around your home, you can make these changes without really breaking a sweat. Consider switching your fixtures for a newer better-looking one, or opt for a light dimmer for a complete mood adjuster.


While plumbing is something better left to the pros, you don’t need to be a certified plumber to change the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms. This task is fairly simple and a brand new faucet can add a touch of class to any sink. You can follow this link for a step-by-step guide on how to go about changing it.

Fire it Up!

If the outdoor area of your home enables you to set up a fire, get the shovels, call the kids, and let them know there’s a s’mores party waiting for them on the other side of this job. Not only are fire pits easy to build and make for great quality time, but they also boost the price of a home by almost 3% at the negotiating table. Check out these 7 steps on how you can add a fire pit to your home.

Some Assembly Required (Intermediate Projects)

Updating Cabinets

If you want to give your kitchen a cost-efficient makeover, changing your cabinets will do the trick and you don’t need to rip out any tiles or appliances to do so. Updating your cabinets can include changes like changing the utensil drawers, applying a fresh coat of paint, or switching out the old cabinet doors for new ones.

Barn Door

Got a big ol’ barn in your backyard that needs a touch-up? Replace that swinging door with a new and more modern sliding door. It can certainly boost its appeal and add some percentage points to your home’s value.

Sharp Eyes and Skilled Hands (Advanced Projects)

Garden Shed

If you’re got the hands, tools, and know-how to put a garden shed in your backyard, you get a big thumbs up from us on this project. Garden sheds are the perfect addition to a handy person’s outdoor living space and they can add a few extra bucks to your overall home value.

Board & Batten

While this term is not common for most homeowners, the design feature is unmistakable. To properly execute this project you’ll need several tools like a measuring tape, level, and you’ll have to be proficient with a miter saw. A board & batten upgrade isn’t an overnighter either and will require some patience. However, the 3D effect on your drywall makes it worth the effort.

Heated Floors

Generally speaking, almost all flooring jobs are labor-intensive as they often require removing old hardwood or ceramic tiles and replacing them with new ones. Precision is of the utmost importance as well and when installing heated floors, an extra element of difficulty is added. That being said, this home feature can fetch sellers 5% more on their home price and is a great way to keep your feet warm in the winter months.

For more information on which DIY projects you can consider for your homes for sale in Calistoga CA, contact your local real estate agents in Napa CA Connie and Jamie today!