Yes! Getting your property ready for sale is almost always a stressor for any real estate owner. Homes for sale in Napa, CA are prized for their locale, but any Napa Realtor® would agree it’s important to still make sure that your house has fantastic curb appeal and put your best foot forward! The front walkway is the first (and best) place to get started, with a few simple clean-up measures, your property can end up at the top of buyer’s short list and make you stand out from the competition.

Clean Up Your Front Yard

Step one is to clear out any easy pickings along your front walk. Potted plants, any children’s toys or overgrowth will only take a few minutes to pick up. If you can trim any trees, do any weeding or even clean up the front doorway you can really cement your property in the minds of potential buyers. Many Napa Realtors® would also suggest a good pressure wash of the front walkway. This also only takes about an hour, but can really make a big impact (just be careful not to go too crazy and chip the paint off your house!). There are also special cleaners for whatever material your walk is made of that can really make the entranceway pop.

Plant A Few Things

Realtors® would also recommend planting flowers or other attractive shrubs or plants that can help brighten up the front yard and help catch the eye of the buyer. All homes are subject to the same rigors as any property and a buyer will start forming opinions of a house from the moment they step out of their car. A walkway presented in poor condition can raise questions about other aspects regarding the maintenance of the property. Keep up that walkway and you will be sure to entice the buyers that are out there looking for their next home in the Napa Valley.

If you are looking to sell and would like any more ideas on how to help your home sell more quickly and for the best price, reach out to us today!