The holidays are here again and that means it’s time to start decorating! Napa homes for sale are no exceptions to holiday cheer so have a look at some of these great ideas on décor for the best time of the year.

  • Ornaments on a serving tray: Nothing says elegance like silver or gold during this season. A silver serving tray with silver and ornaments along with sprigs of Evergreen will certainly delight with its simplicity.
  • Apothecary jar winter wonderland: It’s easy to make a mini winter wonderland with an old apothecary jar. Spray painting simple figurines and using Epsom salts for snow can make an easy winter scene to put on display.
  • Holiday tablescape: A good tablescape is always welcome if you have any Napa homes for sale and are hoping to create a beautifully staged space. Mini gifts with festive ribbon or holiday themed scrapbook paper twisted into cones to look like trees could be great addition to a hallway table.
  • Garlands: Your home would definitely benefit from the versatile garland. Include splashes of red mistletoe or oranges and lemons to give hints of color to a staircase or mantle.

Holiday Decorating Ideas

  • Single-color focused decorations: Many Napa homes for sale would look excellent with décor that focuses on a single color to create that high-end look. For example, try an all-white mini tree with blue ribbon or blue and white candy canes to accent the main color. This can really create a luxury feeling and for any potential buyers.
  • Silver bells on the front door with festive ribbon: Napa Valley real estate may not have tons of sleighs running close by, but sleigh bells attached to festive ribbon on the door handle would bring a joyful tingle to anyone who enters the home.
  • Citrus Jar: Another fun way to enjoy the citrus season is to put clementine and peppermint balls in a large glass compote. The bright colors will absolutely bring the festivities to life.

Owners of Napa homes for sale or any Napa Valley real estate would do well to bring out a little bit of the holiday spirit for a potential buyer. By making a house feel more like home, a prospective owner can picture themselves enjoying the property and possibly bring the buyer to make an offer.