Fall is a popular time for home improvement as people think about impressing their guests during the holidays. It is also a time for change, which makes the current trends in home decor so unique.

Simply put, what’s old is new again. Homeowners are gravitating to classic and timeworn elements to give their home a traditional feel.

Character is not something with which every home is born. Newer construction often sacrifices some of the charm or detail of older home styles that can be incorporated with strategic use of materials and furnishings.

Imagination is the limit for homeowners, but here is a sampling of what can be done.

Build from the ground up

Install new flooring that’s inspired by the charm of vintage floors. Retailers like Lumber Liquidators sell an array of flooring styles that mimic the look and feel of vintage woodwork – wide planks that echo farmhouse floors, distressed finishes and much more. By replicating techniques such as wire brushing and hand scraping, distressed flooring achieves the look of vintage craftsmanship.

Rustic charm of wall accents

Adding a wood accent wall can create the feel of a farmhouse or even an industrial loft. Wood can add an artistic element or focal point to backsplashes and ceilings. Whatever your goal, accent wood makes a statement.

Small touches: Fixtures and surfaces

Don’t forget the little details: a glass doorknob, an oil-rubbed light fixture or a stained glass panel in the window. These touches go a long way to convey the look of another era in a newer home.

Mixing eras with furniture

Antiques and classic period pieces mix well with more contemporary furnishings to create an eclectic style in a newer home. Mid-century modern elements – from architecture to furniture – weave their way into home decor again this season, proving their staying power.

If homeowners are looking to imbue a newer home with the timeless details of tradition, there’s a project of every scale. New materials that are designed to look old will not only perform better, they’ll last for years to come. And “timeless” is always on trend.