There is an undeniable convenience with technology these days. But there are also big risks associated with them if precautions are not taken. If you’re selling your smart home, you should ensure it’s security before the buyers walk in. Many appliances are WiFi enabled now, which is great when you need to start that load of laundry you forgot about, but unfortunate when hackers also have access to these and turn your peaceful night in your home for sale in St. Helena CA into stress.

Just as simple as it is for you to turn your home alarm system while you are out, so a hacker can turn it back off and on while using this time to burglarize your home for sale in Napa. Follow these simple safety tips to add some extra security and more so prevent these actions from happening.

  • Some devices like alarm systems have their own internet connection. Research how to turn off the connection if it is necessary.
  • Change the password for every device often, minimally every three months.
  • Video baby monitors are very common to be hacked. Turn the monitor off when not in use and use a password that is exclusive for it and change it frequently.
  • Do not share your password with anyone. Typically, home WIFI systems have “guest” option with limited access and a different password. Unless it is essential for your guests, friends or family to have access to your main network, have them use sign into “guest”.
  • Do not have internet-connected appliances or gadgets on all the time, unless otherwise required. Your home speaker system doesn’t need to be on constantly connected to your digital music provider.

Having so many of our gadgets connecting to the internet these days, it’s always a good idea to be safe rather than sorry. Protect yourself, family and your home for sale in St. Helena CA or home for sale in Napa. Know what you own that is connected and take the necessary precautions to ensure safety and peace of mind.