Not all of us like the idea of huge capital expenditures for a property, even if it’s our main home. The work involved and stress of getting things done is high, but as any good Napa Realtor® will tell you, keeping up with maintenance on your investment is critical. Since the roof is a major component of the structure, it is an important one to keep an eye on.  Realtors® will attest, Napa Valley real estate is subject to the weather just like anything else. When is it time to consider getting your roof re-shingled? Have a look at some of these signs and keep them in mind when maintaining your property:

Shingle bits or granules around the home

If you see these little guys strewn about the property you know that it’s time to have a look up top.  This can be a sign that the roof is nearing the end of its life expectancy.

Spots on roof that look wet for a day or two after rain

This one is less obvious but can be detrimental to your asset. Weather in Napa is not a severe as other parts of the country, but heavy rain over extended periods of time can cause leaking so make sure to keep your eye out for any long lasting wet spots.

Heavy shingle debris in gutters

When you do perform maintenance on your property, it is important to check your gutters not just for normal debris from trees and leaves, but also bits or granules of your shingles. If you see a lot of shingle pieces in the gutter, it may be time to look into re-shingling.

Shingles missing

If you have shingles outright missing on your property that’s something to definitely be concerned about. Check with the original retailer or contractor to see if a warranty still applies.

Singles lifting after high winds and not going back into place

Another one that people miss is lifted shingles. Though Napa Realtors® would agree that super high winds are not very common in the area, they do come around occasionally and can cause damage to your property.

Corners on shingles

Upturned corners on some shingles can lead to them being ripped off. If you can safely repair them, all the better. If not, check with your Napa real estate professional for some recommendations on a roofer.