It’s summertime in Napa Valley and that means it’s time to start new landscaping projects! Houses for sale in Napa, CA and any Napa Valley real estate will, just like any other home, need upgrades from time to time. So with that in mind we have several great suggestions on trendy ways to get your landscaping up to date this year!

DIY builds:

Finding new ways to reuse and repurpose has been popular in the past few years and continues to gain traction. Houses for sale in Napa, CA can often be flexible so doing unique little projects like transforming a vintage kitchen sink into a wall planter or using pallets to create cute mini-fencing for a garden can really make your Napa Valley home stand out. Neighboring Lake and Sonoma Counties have a considerable amount of antique shops that may hold some unique treasures, traveling “junk shows” are also a great place to find some gems!


With the farm-to-table movement in full swing many are turning to garden-to-table dishes. That’s right, planting fruits and vegetables at your Napa Valley real estate can certainly help bring a closer look to the property. Houses for sale in Napa, CA are in a prime location for growing great tasting produce to enjoy at home! Even if you live in a condo, vertical gardening (using hanging and wall-mounted plants) could be a great way to liven up your outdoor space. With enough light, you could use wall vases or even living wall kits to liven up a balcony or outside facade.

Water Features:

If you love the sound of gently babbling brook, a water feature is definitely for you. These can range from simple to ornate and really help bring a calming sensation to the outdoor space of any home for sale in Napa, CA.

Low Maintenance/ Functional Plants:

Napa Valley offers a great place to grow a variety of plants, why not make sure they are functional? Plants with a purpose are on the rise for not just food, but also delightfully scented flowers or keeping pesky mosquitos away. Houses for sale in Napa, CA would be even more delightful with a functional landscape. Even better, look for native drought tolerant and low maintenance plants to bring the California vibe straight to the front yard! There are periodic native plant sales hosted at Skyline Park in Napa Valley!


Composting has been all the rage particularly in agricultural areas like Napa Valley for several years now. In fact, many restaurants and even places like OxBow Public Market have a focus on it and use compostable flatware instead of plastic. Composting has a ton of benefits like reducing your carbon footprint and giving great mulch for your garden. And fortunately, composting can be done on both large and small lots so getting started can really be a plus for your home in the Napa Valley!