A small bathroom can be a tricky barrier when trying to improve your home. Yet, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to make your bathroom look larger – and for little money. When handling houses for sale in Napa, you want to give the illusion of a bigger space. Your realtor Napa expert has just the thing – check out these tips!

Brighter = Bigger. Light colors create the illusion of making things bigger – it’s why fashion experts will say to not wear white in areas we don’t want to emphasize. But when it comes to a small bathroom, lighter colors are ideal. Light floors and tiles can help too. Sheer window covering also help create the illusion of space. Additional wall or ceiling lighting can help brighten up your space. Consider this major tip when dealing with houses for sale in Napa that have smaller spaces.

Mirrors. Larger (or more) mirrors in the bathroom can also help enhance the size of the space to the eye. And if you would rather hang a picture, use larger ones to create a perception of more space. Need more advice? Contact your realtor Napa expert!

Curtains. If you have a shower curtain, raise the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as you can. This draws the eye up and creates an illusion of higher ceilings. If you are using a shower curtain, try raising the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as practical. This creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. Use this tactic for window curtains too. Clear glass for shower doors can also create a bigger looking space rather than frosted glass.

Decrease Clutter. This one is obvious but take a look at your bathroom again. Notice toothbrushes out, hair dryers, products? These can all create a smaller feeling. Keep counter space free and store everything in medicine cabinets, drawers, etc. If you’re dealing with houses for sale in Napa, this is essential. Your realtor Napa pro can help you declutter too!

Consider a Pedestal. A pedestal sink will open up space. You may lose storage space so think about adding wall-mounted storage. While this isn’t always a preferred sink, it may be necessary in tiny bathrooms.

Sliding Door. A sliding “pocket” door will minimize space taken up by a swinging door. This can be a great solutions to small homes that lack the space.

Try out these tips at home and see how much bigger your bathroom can really look. If you’re browsing houses for sale in Napa, think about these tactics as you may be able to use them in a future home. If you’re selling, make sure you maximize your space for potential buyers with these tips. Need helping finding that perfect home? You need a realtor Napa expert. Connie and Jamie are your experts. Contact them today!