Napa, CA – August 09, 2016 – Connie and Jamie, a team of mother and daughter realtors in Napa Valley, can provide important information to homeowners—or prospective homeowners—outside of the buying and selling processes.

In a market such as real estate that is subject to significant fluctuations, getting a straightforward opinion is important. Even for those who are not planning an imminent move, a Napa Realtor® can provide insight into market conditions that can help determine appropriate timing for buying and selling. 

Connie and Jamie can provide an accurate assessment of the value of a property for a variety of needs. They often provide assistance and guidance to sellers to properly prepare them for a future sale and can find value in knowing what their properties are worth in the current market. A qualified assessment by a Napa Realtor® relies on the condition and features of the individual property as well as intimate knowledge of the neighborhood and the most up-to-date market conditions. 

Connie and Jamie are available to answer any questions related to real estate. Since the network of Realtors® is vast, a local Realtor® can utilize their contacts to answer questions about moving to or from faraway areas.

People often drive or walk by a property and notice a ‘For Sale’ sign in front. Realtors® are the perfect points of contact from which these people can learn about the properties, even if they are not actively planning to move.

For those who are planning to sell, even at an undetermined time in the future, Realtors® provide valuable information about what types of repairs and upgrades can pay off in an eventual sale. When the sale time comes around, many people are grateful to already have an existing relationship with a realtor who can represent them and navigate the paperwork and processes involved. 

Most people buy or sell multiple houses in their lifetimes. Having a trustworthy Realtor® helps make a confusing and relatively infrequent process smoother. Contact Connie and Jamie for expert real estate services and advise.

About Connie and Jamie

As two of the most well-known real estate agents in the Napa region, Connie Johnson and Jamie Johnson Cook have spent the last three years growing their business together and watching volume go from a little over $14 million in 2013 to over $31 million in 2015. The duo plans to eclipse that mark in 2016, further expanding their brand of client-oriented customer service.

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