Summer is in full swing and that screams time to enjoy the outdoor patio! But one may ask, what to do about styling with so many options? Well, there are tons of great options for you to make any of the houses for sale in Napa your own. Realtors in Napa can give you an idea, but at the end of the day it’s all about you. So let’s think about some trendy features that really can give your patio the attention it deserves.

For lighting, classic glass lights-the kind styled from the early electrical lights in the 1800s give a nice retro vibe and bring warmth to the space. Unique fixtures like Moroccan style lanterns that give light in patterns would absolutely be a hit too. Houses for sale in Napa may already have succulents or Xeriscaping (landscaping using native plants) but if your future home doesn’t, you may want to start looking into a way to incorporate these elements into your patio area. They save on water too! For furniture, be sure to give your patio bursts of color whether it be on your pillows, upholstery or area mats/rugs. Summer is about bright colors, so be sure to bring them to the forefront!

Rustic wood furniture is also a great way to bring charm to the back patio and coupled with bright colors can really make for an inviting space. Don’t forget to bring the outside in if you can. The right kind of outdoor patio furniture with heat lamps above can really make the whole scene for your guests seamless and memorable. Some houses for sale in Napa will have this feature and your Realtors in Napa will help you choose the right one for you.

Be sure to design for experiences. This will make your property even more desirable, not just for any potential buyers, but also for Realtors actively looking for their clients. For example, a fire pit can really bring out the character in a patio as it appeals to all ages and is useful throughout the seasons. Unique things like outdoor kitchens, rustic outdoor pergolas or bocce ball courts will add a great deal of charm and help create great memories for your guests. Houses for sale in Napa may have some of these already but be sure to ask your Realtors in Napa for suggestions and resources on how to make the space your own.

Good Realtors in Napa can help you sort through the details and help get you into the best house for your lifestyle and needs. Napa is just like anywhere else in that you can find all sorts of great properties, but without the right guidance finding your new home can be a challenge. Contact us today to learn more about the inventory available today!