Napa Valley is an outdoor entertainer’s dream and real estate agents in Napa, CA are always keen to find a great space for a buyer to enjoy a fantastic meal or cocktail party in our amazing weather. Napa homes for sale will often have the essentials for bringing the party outdoors but what about making the space your own? Fortunately, there are a ton of great trends going on in the world of design that will bring out the best in your space. Have a look below and let the inspiration flow so your outdoor space can help your property stand out amongst the other Napa homes for sale!

Themes from the Coast

It may seem counterintuitive with all the vineyards close by, but Napa homes for sale are actually not far away from the ocean. So stripes, blues and sandy colors would absolutely be welcome on your patio!

Take the Inside Outside

Autumn in Napa is almost like summer compared to most other places, so things like outdoor bars and kitchens as well as outdoor daybeds will get used far into the later months of the year. Many real estate agents in Napa, CA would recommend being prepared as wine country entertaining is an absolutely addicting pastime.

Bohemian Style

Metallic and jewel-like colors are going to be eye catchers this year and real estate agents in Napa, CA would say not to shy away from relaxing earth tones during fall-time.

Small Space Outdoor Furniture

This one has been a big deal for the past few months as people are starting to make the most of what they have at home. Things like small round tables and round stools along with string lights are bound to give even small Napa homes for sale a more relaxed vibe. And if you like a more open feel on the patio when you’re not entertaining there are stylish hanging chairs that make break-down quick and easy.

Edible Garden

Gardening has exploded this past year and growing something tasty is easy to do with our amazing Napa Valley climate. Most real estate agents in Napa, CA would agree that an edible garden adds charm to any property and will be sure to turn heads in this hot real estate market!