November is a time of color changing leaves, delicious feasts with family, and the beginnings of holiday shopping. The tradition of Thanksgiving and Black Friday comes every year, and as your Napa real estate experts, we feel it necessary to make sure you know the essentials of Black Friday of real estate and other holiday buying trends.

It would be easy to assume the real estate market comes to a screeching halt during the holidays and the real estate folks go into hiding for the season. While things do slow down typically during the holidays and there are fewer buyers looking over the week of Thanksgiving, the slow down only lasts until Saturday. The weekend following the holiday has only a fraction of open houses compared to the previous. What does that mean for buyers and sellers?

It is all about how serious you are as a buyer and your willingness to attend an open house on Thanksgiving or be open for buyers to come to you, if you are a seller. Serious buyers will meet serious sellers on a holiday – less competition. But what about the days before and after a holiday? How do houses for sale in Napa fair on these days? Your realtor Napa experts have an answer!

We know Thanksgiving and December 24 are some of the slowest days. And one of the busiest days: December 28. This day is right over the holiday hump, but still on holiday break – people have time to find their dream homes and look around. Home for sale in Napa can expect good traffic that day. Another busy day for the market? July 6. This long weekend is used by many to house hunt rather than travel.

In general, the spring market brings more homes to the market and prices are still steady. If you miss this time, September 1 and Labor day weekend bring about another great and busy wave. What about houses for sale in Napa during Valentine’s Day? If your significant other wanted to go on date night, would you make them stay home to look at houses online? Probably not. Valentine’s Day is another significantly slow day in real estate.

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