If you’re searching for Napa Valley homes for sale, it’s important that you utilize leading market data to help make an effective decision on the type and timing of your purchase. In our latest Connie and Jamie post, we’ll delve into the details on the Napa housing marketplace as well present the data from the September housing market trends. This data highlights the growth in the market to this point in the year.

Median House Prices Lower

The data shows that the median house price in Napa County was lower this September then it was in September 2016. The numbers show a 2.7% difference in the year-on-year figures and a 3.3% dip from August figures. This highlights the improving value for those searching for houses for sale in Napa at the end of the year.

50 Day Time on Market

The average time on the market before a home is sold in Napa is currently 50 days. This is 6.6% less time than a year ago, highlighting the relatively higher number of homes on the marketplace and the potential for buyers to enter into a property market where values are lowering as inventories rise. The longer the time on the market, the more chance sellers will lower their pricing to meet buyer demands.

Number of Home Sales Down

Not only has the median price of houses for sale in Napa lowered in recent months, but the number of houses being sold has also dropped significantly between 2016 and 2017. From September 2016 to September 2017, there were 12.4% fewer homes sold in Napa County. This highlights the challenges sellers have faced in finding buyers for their properties, and the potential for buyers to find great value in the current market.

Let Connie and Jamie Help

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