With the current state of wildfires in California, it’s important to take steps towards wildfire protection. In Napa, we are fortunate to be in the Valley while the fires are out in the mountains. However, one must always be cautious. Your real estate agents in Napa care and want to make sure you protect your home or understand what you must do when looking for property for sale in Napa.

The difference between a safe home and a risky one has to do with the house materials, house design, and everything around it within 100 feet. The following recommendations are for long before the fire ever starts. It’s all about prevention.

The Roof

You want a Class A rated roof, meaning the covering and underlaying provide the most effective resistance to fire. High-end property for sale in Napa absolutely must have this element and your real estate agents should stress the importance of it.

The Gutters

Gutters that are free of debris like leaves and pine needles are safest. That’s because leaves and twigs act as the perfect kindling for flying embers. The fire might be far but wind may swoop away embers and into your gutters. Stay safe and keep those gutters clean.

The Foundation

Decks, porches, and fences should be constructed from non-flammable materials. And like your gutters, you want to keep the surface areas of decks clean. A screened in porch can prevent embers from sweeping in and igniting any debris. Ask your real estate agents to show you property for sale in Napa that has good foundation.

The Windows and Vents

Windows with double-paned or tempered glass can better withstand heat. Sometimes an outside window can break but the inside stays intact. Under-eave and side roof vents make it more challenging for embers to get blown in.

The Landscaping

Try to keep organic and flammable materials like tress, shrubs, and even mulch farther from your home. If a tree is touching the siding of your home and catches fire, your home is in danger. Store firewood at least 30 feet from the home. Your property for sale in Napa should consider this when trying to find buyers.

It’s always important to take precaution and preventive measures to assure your home is as safe as can be. Connie and Jamie are your real estate agents in Napa that will help guide your to property for sale that follows important wildfire protection guides.