Law enforcement experts have said it: video-based home security systems are just better than alarm systems. While alarms can scare the neighborhood cat, burglars aren’t too quick to respond. They’ll grab what they can and they’ll run. Videos, however, create evidence. Criminals don’t want their face or crimes on camera because these videos become evidence in court. It’s as simple as that. So, when you’re ready to dive in Napa CA real estate and desire Napa Valley homes for sale, always think about how you’ll keep your new home safe.

Today, you can find many homeowners using or considering video security. It’s not too expensive or difficult to setup and it’s extremely handy when trying to protect your piece of Napa CA real estate. Still looking for Napa Valley homes for sale? Contact the region’s most trusted realtors and take your first steps in finding the perfect safe home.

In fact, most of these security systems are wireless. The cameras can record and save to your DVR just like a TV show. They can also save to a cloud-based server by the manufacturer.

The basics of a do-it-yourself video system are easy. Place the cameras in different areas of your house: the front door, patio door, the garage, main floor windows, and anywhere else you foresee a criminal coming in. When looking at Napa Valley homes for sale, brainstorm all the places where you would place your cameras. Most of these cameras have motion sensors and will start automatically recording when someone passes by.

The more advanced the system the better. Some will alert you if the camera turns on. You can then view what’s happening on your smartphone or computer. You can then call the police if it’s a crime.

Want to place a camera outside? Great idea! But make sure your device is weatherproof. Napa CA real estate sees rain in the winter so definitely make sure your system is waterproof. You’ll see “suitable for outdoor-use” if it is (or something similar). Also make sure the cameras have night vision. Not all do so you want to get the best possible devices to protect your Napa CA real estate.

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