One of the most common and significant remodels is the kitchen. The kitchen is where people come together to eat, entertain, and converse. Houses for sale in Napa with gorgeous kitchens go fast. As a seller, it’s important to understand the costs of remodeling so you make a sound investment. As a buyer, you may want to consider doing your own remodel and what that could potentially add to the total price of a home. Let’s look at the costs of countertops and cabinets:


They are a center piece of your kitchen and they can really make a statement. Laminate is an affordable material ($3000-4000) that can often be DIY-friendly. They come in a large variety of colors and styles, are durable, can look very good, and not break the bank. Many Napa Valley homes for sale feature this countertop. Mid-range countertops include butcher block ($1700-3100) which does need occasional maintenance and solid surface ($2200-500) which is similar in look to expensive tops and very durable. High-end countertops often found in luxury houses for sale in Napa include granite ($3100-$4500), quartz ($5900-$14000), and marble ($8000-$11000). Granite is fairly common and durable while quartz is more expensive, but great quality. Marble is gorgeous, but much more pricey and is vulnerable to stains and scratches.


A major feature of the kitchen, cabinets can create a warm feeling. Affordable materials are wood veneer ($1930-$13000), plywood or particleboard frame with wood strips glued on top. They look similar to solid wood, but are not as durable and are sensitive to humidity. Mid-range cabinets include laminate ($4000-15000) which are similar to wood veneer, but can be more durable with high pressure options. Affordable homes for sale in Napa will often feature these cabinets. High-end cabinets are made of wood ($5000-25000) with the least expensive being maple, oak, pine, and cherry. The more expensive woods are ebony, bamboo, walnut, and rosewood. Luxury Napa Valley properties will definitely feature solid wood cabinets.

Selling or Buying and Not sure About Remodeling?

Whether you’re looking to sell your home and trying to get the biggest bang for your buck in remodels or buying a home and are looking for fixer upper kitchens, we can help. Connie and Jamie are a real estate team committed to helping folks navigate the Napa real estate market. Houses for sale in Napa go fast and sometimes they need work. It is important to have an agent who can help you evaluate what to remodel and what leave the same. And if you are buying, you will want to have guidance in what Napa Valley homes for sale will be the best candidates for remodels.

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