When scanning the inventory of homes for sale in Napa CA, you’ll find that they usually all have one thing in common: attractive gardening! Napa Valley real estate that looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside is a great way to boost your home’s appearance and final sale price. With that in mind, we’ve prepared some useful tips to make sure you’re up to date with the latest gardening trends.

Make Sure to Have Some Professional Gardening Done

Something is better than nothing if it’s done right, so when it comes to gardening, make sure you have a plan that suits your home and property size. If it’s food you’re growing, designate an area in your backyard and make sure it’s well maintained and fenced off nicely. If you’re aiming for a more aesthetic gardening touch, choose plants and flowers that compliment your home.

Sustainable Gardening

Napa Valley real estate is all about sustainability, and this includes gardening practices around your home. Some ways you can be sure you’re doing your part to help the environment when gardening are:

  • Monitor your water usage
  • Consider using plants that don’t consume a lot of water
  • Plant strategically so that plants that consume more water are in soft soil areas
  • Research easy ways to make homemade compost
  • Use organic products to deal with pests and weeds

Zen Gardens

Another popular trend that’s catching on is zen gardens. This involves creating an outdoor meditation space surrounded by an arrangement of flora and foliage. Zen gardens can include a variety of plants and flowers and other additions like a built-in fountain or manmade pond. If you’re sensitive to heat, be sure to add some cover, whether that be a canopy or large umbrella, to keep you shaded on hot summer days.

Garden to Table Foods

Having an organic food garden is a popular trend and is also an attractive add-on with homes for sale in Napa CA. We’ve learned a lot in recent years and developed plenty of tools to help even the most novice gardener get themselves set up to enjoy fresh tomatoes, carrots, and other goodies grown right on their property. If you’re working within a smaller area, be sure to use containers to grow your food or stack them vertically.

Color Coordinate

If your home and property have a central color theme, why not add some gardening that compliments or matches it? This uniform look is an extra detail that can really enhance the appearance of your Napa Valley real estate.

Having some quality gardening done to your property can add real value to your sales price. For more tips on what you can do to get your home ready to list, contact Connie and Jamie today! We will be happy to provide you with a free home evaluation!