Real estate agents in Napa, CA are helpful with more than floor plans and finding a mortgage! If you’re moving into a bigger house because your family’s expanding, the agents at Connie & Jamie can not only show you beautiful Napa homes for sale but can also share their best advice for moving while pregnant.

What You Should Know About Moving While Pregnant

Moving to a new home can be stressful enough. Doing it with a baby on board can put anyone’s anxiety levels on high alert. But with some careful planning, you’ll be prepared to manage anything that comes your way.

The helpful tips can ensure you have the smoothest and most relaxed move possible. That way, you can focus on what truly matters: welcoming a new family member into the world!

Talk to Your Obstetrician

The next time you visit your baby doc, be sure they know about your move. Your doctor will likely have some great tips and ideas on what you should and shouldn’t attempt to do while moving. And as every pregnancy is unique, they can also tailor their suggestions to your particular case.

Allow Plenty of Time for Packing

Your and your baby’s health are top priorities, so you might want to consider hiring professionals to pack for you. If you plan to pack yourself:

  • Minimize stress by giving yourself plenty of time and avoiding heavy lifting.
  • Allow for several days to pack up each room, longer if necessary for rooms with more belongings, like kitchens and bedrooms.
  • Move back and forth between rooms, spending equal time in rooms with less or more to pack.

Come moving day, your entire house will be packed and ready to go!

Pack a “Pregnancy Bin”

The last thing you want is to be digging through boxes or suitcases during the move to find essential items. Pack a small, clear plastic bin or bag with a few of your go-to pregnancy snacks, favorite comfy clothes, and prenatal vitamins. It’s also a good idea for everyone involved to have a separate tote with sleeping gear and toiletries for the first night in your new home. It’ll help keep the move as stress-free as possible and ensure you all get a good night’s sleep.

Napa Homes For Sale That Fit Your Growing Family

At Connie & Jamie, we believe the job of a Napa, CA real estate agent goes far beyond sharing information on houses for sale. Of course, we love helping our clients find their dream home, but we also want to help them make a successful transition once they find it!

Moving should be an exciting time in your life, doubly so when you’re eagerly awaiting your new arrival. If you have further questions about the moving process or just want to learn more about Napa homes for sale, contact Connie and Jamie today!