Homes for sale in Napa CA may not have the problem of snowfall to contend with, but when selling in the winter there are still things you can do to make your home more inviting and welcoming to a potential buyer. Our real estate agents in Napa CA have a few tips that will make any homes for sale in Napa feel cozy to a potential buyer.

  • Have hot cocoa or cider and bake cookies: A kettle of hot cocoa, cider or freshly baked cookies to offer will certainly bring the holiday spirit alive and make a prospective buyer feel more welcome in the home.
  • A whole lot of light: Homes for sale in Napa, CA have more sunlight than other places in the country during winter. Show off that sunshine and have shades drawn back to let in as much light as possible. If need be, spotlights behind furniture may bring another feeling of light in a dark space.
  • Clean EVERYTHING! Real estate agents in Napa, CA will urge you to do this. Keeping the home spotless will be a top priority. Vacuuming regularly, cleaning all dust and cobwebs and polishing fixtures will give you a sense of pride in the home and security for the buyers.
  • Light fireplace and HVAC before arrival: Having your home be a degree or two warmer than normal before showing will help the prospects feel more comfortable and give a home-y vibe and nothing says comfort like a wood fire going.Tips to Sell Your Home in the Winter
  • Tasteful holiday decorations: Most of the real estate agents in Napa, CA will likely remind you that going over the top with your holiday decorations may put people off. If you decide to decorate, be sure to be light and tasteful. The old knickknacks or overly extravagant outdoor decorations might be distracting and keep folks from pursing your home further.


Hopefully these tips will help you reach your real estate goals just before 2019 ends. It’s been a wonderful year and we wish everyone a prosperous new year. It’s time to think about where you see yourself in 2020 – is it a new town, apartment, or house? If so, make sure to contact the real estate agents of Napa, CA – Connie and Jamie!