When you want to give your Napa Valley home a makeover, but a full-scale remodel isn’t part of your plan, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to instantly upgrade one room or the entire house. The colors people surround themselves with have an impact on their emotions.

If you’ve done some exploring of the homes for sale in Calistoga, CA, you’ve probably experienced how it feels to react emotionally to the colors certain rooms are painted. For instance, many homeowners love a sunny yellow shade for the kitchen, as it uplifts their mood and reminds them of sunny days.

Here’s a look at the leading paint color trends for 2022.

Keep An Eye on These 2022 Biggest Paint Color Trends

If there’s one trend to watch for in 2022, it’s that it will be a much brighter year than 2021! Many people feel this is a year for new beginnings, and shades that match this optimistic outlook are expected to skyrocket in popularity.

1. Very Peri

Meant to symbolize transition and new possibilities, Very Peri is Pantone’s 2022 color of the year. As the name suggests, Veri Peri is a beautiful shade of periwinkle with violet red undertones that make it the “happiest and warmest blue” Pantone offers. Periwinkle bedrooms and living rooms can be stunning, especially when paired with complementary colors like yellow, white, orange, and lime green.

2. Earthy Tones

Gray-green is a favorite organic hue this year, but many designers are using other shades of green as people yearn to bring a sense of nature into their homes. You can always depend on a green paint shade to evoke a feeling of calm and provide the perfect balance of boldness and versatility.

3. Citron

Though yellow sometimes gets a bad rap for feeling dated, sunny shades are making a big splash in 2022 as people look for ways to warm up their home’s interior. Buttery and citron tones are particularly popular for creating natural and beautiful spaces in every style home.

4. Deep Aubergine

Black remains an on-trend color, but many people are experimenting with almost-black hues such as a deep and dark aubergine. They’re a terrific choice for introducing sensuous sophistication into many rooms, especially when blended with neutral furnishings and textiles.

5. Chartreuse

Electrifying and exuberant, chartreuse may not be for the timid, but when used judiciously, it’s always the star of the show. The green-yellow shade works well in multiple spaces and looks just as beautiful in evening as it does when flooded with natural light.

Bright colors may be taking center stage this year, but warm neutrals are having their moment, too. They bring a versatility and warmth to any room and make it feel cozy and comforting. From sandy beiges to airy greige, these natural tones are ideal for high-traffic areas like the living room and hallways.

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