Imagine you’ve found the absolute perfect Napa Valley home for sale. You love all of it and made an offer that has been graciously accepted. And best of all, you’ve made the wise decision to make the offer on your real estate contingent on receiving a good professional home inspection. But what if the most unfortunate thing happens and you find a major problem with your perfect home?

Well, no need to panic yet. If it is an older piece of Napa, CA real estate, a home inspection will usually turn up at least a few problem areas. Loose insulation, minor leaks, worn out shingles on the roof that will need replacing soon, etc. Fortunately, situations like these aren’t usually the end of the world in buying a home.

But, if there is a big-time problem like major plumbing issues, old wiring, structural damage or any other safety issue, you could have a mess on your hands and a huge repair bill should you seal the deal on your Napa, CA real estate.

In such high-stress situation like that, we as your real estate agency will help you address the problem typically through the seller’s agent as neither of you will be gaming on losing the deal. Since all persons will want the real estate to change hands, everyone should be on board with finding a good solution. And if you have a good agency like us working on your behalf, you can be rest assured we will be doing everything we can to make sure your transition goes smoothly.

Napa Valley homes for sale are just like any home, they are an investment. So come meet with one of our great real estate agents and see how we can help find the home that best suits you!