If you’re the DIY type of guy (or gal) are itching for a new project, take a look at your bathroom. Remodeling projects – especially kitchen and bath – are getting pricier and pricier each year. 5% spending increase every year in fact. When dealing with Napa CA real estate, you want your bathroom to shine. Check out these 5 upgrades that can be done in a weekend. If you’re looking for Napa Valley homes for sale, remember these upgrades as something you can do too.

Bathroom Fixture Upgrade. Easy to replace and a focal point for your bathroom, fixtures can set the tone. Clean modern styles can make a big impact on a dated space so replace an old vanity and sink with new stylish ones. Remember to also update some accessories like towel bars and toilet paper holders. This is something that can definitely elevate your Napa CA real estate.

New Shower Door Install. Not only will a new door make the bathroom shine, but it can also have functional and long term effects. Old shower doors can get dirty, dated, and defective. So if your door is looking worn down, install a new one yourself. Carefully follow the instructions and apply silicone caulk along the edges of the base track (inside and out) and along the jams. This means the door will be watertight and alright! Browsing Napa Valley homes for sale that need some upgrades? Maybe you can DIY.

Replace the Faucet. The bathroom faucet is used every day – that means it can get worn out and dirty. Consider replacing a dated faucet with a shiny new one that showcase the style of the bathroom. Napa Valley homes for sale should definitely update their faucets when trying to find buyers.

Lay the Tile. This one may sound scary but it’s do-able and a money-saver. Tile is the best option for water and stains to it’s ideal for a bathroom. It definitely ups the WOW factor of any Napa Valley homes for sale. Make sure to clean the surface first, fill the backboard seams with mortar and apply fiberglass mesh, then you can lay your ideal tiles on your Napa CA real estate property.

A Luxury Toilet Seat. If you want to really make your bathroom luxurious, consider a SpaLet Bidet Seat. These are fancy toilets that have amazing features like heated seat, water temp control, spray feature, and even deodorizer. This may sound like a splurge but they’re easy to install and not too bad on the wallet. Napa Valley homes for sale with this feature will definitely stand out. Consider this upgrade for your Napa CA real estate.

With a few of these DIY upgrades, your bathroom can really have that WOW factor that so many of us seek. Elevate your Napa CA real estate and get rid of the dates bathroom that you’re tired of looking at. And if you’re browsing Napa Valley homes for sale, keep these upgrades in mind as you may be able to do them yourself on a potential home.