Napa homes for sale are just like any other, curb appeal is of prime importance. Any of the real estate agents in Napa, CA will tell you that the first impression of a home goes a long way when attracting a buyer. That being said, we have 6 affordable ways to boost your home in the eyes of the prospective purchaser.

Maintain the yard

A dead lawn or rough looking planters will not win you any favors for curb appeal. Overgrown shrubs or hedges won’t do either. People will notice homes that are not cared for and wonder what the rest of the house looks like. Even great Napa homes for sale will lose appeal without yard maintenance.

Exterior window washing

If your house looks filthy people will notice. Now is the time to spruce up and get going on those windows. Spring cleaning is year-round when you’re looking to sell any Napa homes for sale!

Driveway Sealing

Real estate agents in Napa, CA may make a suggestion to reseal the driveway. It’s not as expensive as repaving but sure as heck makes it look a ton better. This will definitely make any Napa homes for sale look even better from the curb.

Front Door Painting

Most real estate agents in Napa, CA would concur that a new looking door really draws people in. A fresh coat of paint on the entrance certainly will score you points with prospective buyers.

Garage door painting

This is one of the biggest things for curb appeal. Put on your work clothes and get painting because a new looking garage door may be one of the things that helps your house sell best. Because the garage door is the focal point of the front of the house, any Napa homes for sale will look better to passerby.

Remove unsightly things

The old problem of having a junk car may be an obvious cleanup necessity. But real estate agents in Napa, CA would still tell you to spruce up a bit more. For example, are there garbage cans or an old boat on the side yard visible from the road? Maybe a rusted basketball hoop that hasn’t been used in 10 years? After getting rid of those, your house will look a ton more appealing and hopefully lead to a sale!