“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a lesson we all learned when we were young. However, if you’ve ever had to sell a home, you know some people did not take that lesson to heart. In an ideal world, buyers browsing houses for sale in Napa will view the whole property before making a decision. In reality, many can’t look past that first impression – the look of the home from the curb. This is why, when selling a home, curb appeal is your best friend. It’s a major bang for your buck so make sure to spruce up your Napa CA real estate property with these tips:

  • Plants, hedges, and flowers oh my! Unsightly weeds, overgrown grass, lack of color – these are easy fixes. Just trim some hedges, grass, remove weeds, and plant bright flowers. These can have a major impact on your Napa CA real estate property.
  • Paint the main door. It’s as simple as that. A fresh coat of paint will make it look brand new. Compare your door to other houses for sale in Napa. How does it measure up?
  • Get rid of distractions. A buyer enters your property and sees a garbage can, tools thrown on the yard, an old piece of furniture. That’s a no-no. Remove any distracting items and make sure the buyer sees a clutter free yard and entryway.
  • Push back the curtains. Open the blinds. Make your front windows look friendlier and warm buy opening the blinds/curtains. Buyers will feel much more welcome into your home.
  • Power wash the driveway. If your driveway has blemishes, grease stains, etc., consider renting a power washer to make it look spotless before a showing.
  • Clean the exterior. Whether it’s your front windows, window panes, or sweeping the patio, cleaning the exterior will make an impact.

Finally, consider parking your car(s) off the property so your home will look inviting and buyers can park easily. Need helping figuring out the best curb appeal plan for your home? Connie and Jamie are local real estate experts that understand the ins and outs of selling Napa CA real estate. Contact them today!