Looking for a near-effortless way to brighten up the energy and air quality of the indoor area of your Yountville real estate without paying a small fortune to do so? Houseplants are an affordable and eco-friendly way to improve the freshness and smell of rooms in your home while removing harmful toxins like xylene and formaldehyde from the air. Furthermore, as any Napa realtor will tell you, they also add aesthetic appeal when chosen correctly.

What often deters Yountville real estate owners from putting plants up in the home is the inability to commit to watering and tending to them every day. Whether you’re traveling often or simply dealing with a full plate of work and personal responsibilities, adding plant care to your schedule may not be the ideal fit. Luckily, however, several low-maintenance plants almost take care of themselves and, at the same time, can help take care of your health and your home.

Plant suggestions to brighten your Yountville Real Estate

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are a special breed of plant thanks to their incredible air-filtering abilities. They contain dark leaves and white flower blossoms that don’t grow overly large. Maintenance duties are simple, requiring you to water the soil dries up or when leaves begin to flop. Also, be sure to place the plant in bright light.


Palms are easily one of the most independent plants a homeowner can opt for. These slow-growing plants are as resilient as they come and, for the most part, are only susceptible to over-watering. They’re a great addition to any room in the house. Water should only be added when the top couple of inches of soil has dried up.


Also referred to as the “Snake Plant,” Sansevieria contains blade-shaped leaves that add greenery and a unique personality to whichever room it is placed. Water should be added when soil is dry to the touch but other than that, these plants are incredibly low-maintenance and can grow in several conditions.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants defy the odds and grow even almost completely ignored. This includes areas of low lights and can even withstand longer periods without water – though we recommend topping up the H2O when soil becomes dry.

Aloe Vera Plant

Everyone’s favorite sunburn remedy also makes for a great low-maintenance house plant. Feel free to snap off a leaf when you need to soothe your skin and be sure to water if the first two inches of soil run dry.

Additional Tips

Usually, plants with leaves with a darker green hue lean more towards being the ones that require less effort to maintain. Also, keep an eye out for wilting leaves, as this is another sign that you’ll need to add some water. Before showing your Yountville real estate to potential buyers be sure to trim any leaves that may look unhealthy to keep the house feeling fresh.