Innovative materials, inviting living rooms, and interesting colors and textures are just a few of the winter decorating trends to watch out for this year. As the outdoor temps turn cooler, many homeowners take to refreshing their indoor living spaces.

Designers and interior decorators agree no one should redo their interior based solely on the latest fashions. However, incorporating one or two of these latest decorating trends can make your Napa home a more delightful and engaging place to live. And if you’re getting ready to list your Napa Valley property for sale, it can enhance its appeal and make for a quicker sale.

Napa Homes for Sale: Winter Decorating Trends

Every season brings fresh home design trends. So what’s in this winter?

This Year’s Trending Color

Pantone has declared Peach Fuzz its 25th Color of the Year. However, while the institute believes many people will be drawn to the soft pinkish-orange hue, others will gravitate to bold colors or look to softer neutrals. Though its warm, soothing nature embodies optimism and a sense of connection, you don’t need to let it dominate a room. Try pairing curtains, pillows, or throw blankets in the delightful hue with neutrals or patterns that accentuate it without overwhelming the space.

Mixed Metals

The trend of mixed metals continues to captivate interior designers. They’re using a variety of metals, including copper, brass, and silver, within the same room to add depth and a modern twist. It’s a creative approach that brings warmth and texture to a space, breaking potential monotony and providing an eclectic, personalized aesthetic.

Outside Influence

Bringing the outdoors in allows homeowners to incorporate natural elements into their interior design. Consider combining organic materials like wood and stone with a palette inspired by the earth’s hues to create serene, grounding spaces. This imaginative trend fosters a seamless connection with nature and promotes a tranquil, refreshing environment.

Whimsical Touches

Unpredictable design elements challenge conventional design rules while still creating inviting spaces that reflect a homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. Playful curves and mixing traditional and contemporary furnishings can infuse a room with charm and character, one that’s rooted in the classics but still “edgy” enough to be on-trend.

Dream Homes in the Napa Real Estate Market

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