Finding the new home that checks every single box on your wish list can be difficult but not impossible. However,  your chances of completely satisfying your vision increases exponentially when you:

  1. create a home wish list that prioritizes the most important elements of a new home, and
  2. work with a proven and experienced Napa realtor whom you share your wish list with and is eager to meet your needs.

Creating Your Wish List

Everyone’s circumstances change over time. In the span of but a few decades, young couples evolve from requiring limited space with access to lots of social activity to taking on the responsibility of a growing family needing more space and focused on the quality of schools and proximity to playgrounds and other youthful pursuits.

And, once those children have grown, the same couple begins to think about smaller accommodations again perhaps with far less maintenance to allow for more relaxation, recreation, and travel.

Check Out What You Have

An important starting point in your home search is to evaluate your existing home to determine what really works best and what you can live without. How many bedrooms will you need or what size lot? Will you be looking for a similar neighborhood, or one that is more rural, or maybe one that is closer to the action with your change?

Conversely, you must list those features that you do not have in your current home that you have always desired?

So, as your home wish list grows, decide on those features that will be most important in your search. For example,

  • you may be a developing or veteran gourmet, and a large well-equipped modern kitchen with plenty of counter space and storage will be essential.
  • Or, as an amateur gardener, you might be looking for a substantial lawn with lots of room to create planting areas, landscaping elements, water features, and plenty of trees.
  • As a do-it-yourselfer or hobbyist, a workshop with space for tools and parts may be necessary. You might want extra garage space to protect and work on your prized ’57 Chevy or roadster that you love to pamper and showing off to your friends.
  • For some, a spacious deck with a magnificent vista, not uncommon with homes for sale in Napa, CA, is a longed-for dream.
  • How about a pristine, walkable community with coffee shops, a nearby library, local theater performances, parks, and more?

Most importantly, you must discuss your specific desires and priorities with your professional Napa realtor at the outset to save time, reduce frustration, and provide a more focused search.

Excellent realtors are far more interested in satisfying their client’s vision than in just making a quick sale.

Be Patient

Finding the perfect home in the price range you are comfortable with is often a matter of timing. You might see many “perfect” homes as you drive through various neighborhoods, but these are most often unavailable.

Your experienced and professional Napa realtor knows the area and has access to the status of all homes for sale Napa, CA, and surrounding areas. In many instances, these professionals are beware of prospects even before they officially reach the market.

In a tight market, compromise is normal. But “settling” for something that does not match most of your wish list can be a bad idea.

Be patient and know that if a certain home does not quite match your vision, a better one will be available soon.