Napa Homeowners…If you have a wood burning fireplace, pay attention to this:

Bay Area Air Quality Management District officials are considering a plan that places new mandates on wood burning fireplaces, including a possible point of sale.
This potential point of sale would impact masonry fireplaces, historic homes and any property owner with a wood burning fireplace. The mandates also require that homeowners using an EPA certified wood burning fireplace, as the only source of heat, to register it with the Air District and pay a fee.

These regulations would create a blanket mandate that applies to rural Napa County homeowners in the same manner as urban San Francisco.

Possible mandates include:
-Homeowners must remove their wood-burning fireplaces before a home can be sold
-If an EPA certified wood burning fireplace is the only source of heat, homeowners may receive an exemption to use it on mandatory burn ban days, if they register it with the Air District, and may be required to pay a fee
-Upon remodeling a fireplace, the uncertified wood burning fireplace must be replaced with a gas-fueled, electronic or EPA certified heat source

Concerns and feedback can be shared with:

Brad Wagenknecht can be reached at: (707) 253-4828

Air District staff can be reached for comments at: (415) 749-4989;  

or at