Keeping your utilities low can be a real drain on your patience (and wallet). Homes for sale in Napa, CA, just like anywhere else, can always stand for a good efficiency self-audit. Fortunately, finding many of these pesky little nicks will be quick and are easy to fix. Napa Valley real estate is in a near-perfect Mediterranean climate which-though mild-can have its hot and cold days so here are five ways to lower your utility bill and keep more cash in your pocketbook!

Invest in a smart thermostat

You don’t need to heat or cool the house when you’re not in it, right? Smart thermostats are programmable so you can make sure you’re not wasting energy when you’re gone. Napa Valley real estate has some incredibly mild days too so by saving you’re A/C use for the evenings you can save a good chunk of change.

Fix those drafts!

Homes for sale in Napa, CA typically enjoy such nice weather it’s sometimes hard to think of looking for a draft but have a look and plug up anything that’s letting in too much air. Your doors and windows are prime targets, so check those first!

Rooms that don’t need A/C

If you have a rec room or any room you don’t use often at your piece of Napa Valley real estate you can try shutting the vents to those rooms to keep from heating or cooling them when you don’t have to. If you’re not using it often, why keep it climate controlled?

Attic insulation

This one is a bit tricky, but if you can check the attic insulation of any of your homes for sale in Napa, CA you can make a big difference. Look for bare spots or areas where the insulation is wearing thin as it should be uniform throughout the attic. You’ll be glad you checked.

Use good ol’ fashioned sunlight

If you are experiencing one of the few very cold days at your piece of Napa Valley real estate, open up your windows to let the sunlight stream in. By letting the sunlight warm the rooms of any of your homes for sale in Napa, CA you’ll save a lot on energy. And the opposite works for cooling. By drawing the shades during summer in the mornings you can keep out the heat and keep your home temperate.