The process of inspecting a home  before selling means less surprises, more time saved, and less anxiety. We previously gave a few tips and tricks on what to check for when putting up Napa CA homes for sale but there’s a lot more you can do. We’re continuing some of our real estate education on the topic of inspection before listing. See what else homeowners should keep an eye out for in houses for sale in Napa.

Fences. A fence with loose or broken boards sends the signal that the home isn’t doing so well. Replace these boards as needed and ensure buyers looking for Napa CA homes for sale that your place is ideal.

Landscaping. Houses for sale in Napa with well-maintained landscape will be more desirable to buyers. If your Napa CA real estate property needs some loving, consider covering grounds with mulch or bark in bare garden regions. This is an easy and inexpensive option for houses for sale in Napa. Reseeding a lawn takes too long and laying sod can get pricey. Another thing to think about is clutter – is there debris on your yard, trash bags, landscaping tools, or other distracting items? Clean it up and make your yard look like new.

Gutters. When the gutters are cleaned, it implies the homes is regularly maintained. Houses for sale in Napa with clogged gutters can create water intrusion or roof damage.  Luckily, gutters are easy to clean  but if your gutters are high up, consider hiring a professional.

Roof. Every roof has a limited lifetime and you can bet your potential buyers will order a roof inspection. Buyers will be drawn to Napa CA homes for sale with updated or new roofs. Doing a roof inspection ahead of time allows you to know if you need to fix or replace it and ensures you won’t have a surprise repair fee during your transaction. You may simply need a roof certification to tell buyers that the roof has another 2-3 years of life. Again, it’s all about knowing what to expect, deciding if you want to make repairs, or if you need to adjust the list price.

Your home’s outer first impression gives buyers a feel of whether there will be any internal problems. Ensure your home looks well-maintained, perform inspections ahead of time, and make the whole transaction process painless (or as painless as you can). With any houses for sale in Napa, it’s important to be ahead and prepared for any surprises headed your way!