Everyone knows you should inspect a home before buying. But what about before selling? If you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck – and fast – consider the importance of inspecting your own home before selling it. Napa CA real estate is highly desired but every market has its ups and downs. Ensure your home will go off the market quickly by taking a few steps.

A common scenario is the seller receives an offer and the inspection begins during the contingency period. Almost always, with any houses for sale in Napa and other regions, there are items found that need to be repaired, replaced, or no longer up to code. These are often easy fixes that can save you a lot of time if done beforehand. Minimize discrepancies in reports and take care of your Napa CA real estate early on. You’ll lessen buyer anxieties and create a smooth transaction.

Common inspections when buyers search for houses for sale in Napa include structural pest reports, roof inspections, and whole-house inspections. Inspecting your Napa CA real estate property ahead of time allows you to make repairs without the stress of a buyer over your head. Check out these areas in your home:

Exterior paint. If your Napa CA real estate property needs a fresh coat of paint, consider it. This will factor into your listing price. If there’s any touch ups needed, now is the time to do it. Houses for sale in Napa with a clean paint job will look newer while chipped paint is a sign of a run-down home.

Window Screens. Torn screens, bent frames, dirty windows – these all will make a Napa CA real estate property seem old. If you need to update them, they are relatively inexpensive to repair via a professional or DIY.

Siding and Trim. Problems with siding and trim are common and usually reported on a pest inspection. The most common issue being with dry rot (wood-decaying fungus) which occurs often at ends of trim and causes cracks or powdering in wood, requiring replacement. View your Napa CA real estate property and see if any loose boards need to be sealed or refastened.

Caulk. Ensure your Napa CA real estate property doesn’t have any cracked caulk near doors and windows. Caulk is needed to seal and protect from weather. An easy fix, just use good quality caulk.

These are just a few things to pay attention to before selling your home. Inspect these various areas of your Napa CA real estate property and make the transaction process smoother. Make sure to check out our next blog for some more tips on regions to inspect.