Connie & Jamie, a team of Napa, CA, Real Estate Professionals, announce the benefits of holding an open house.

Napa, CA – February, 2017 – Connie & Jamie, a mother and daughter real estate team based in the Napa area, have announced that holding an open house for a property for sale in Napa can have many benefits.

What Is an Open House?

An open house is a set day and time that potential buyers can swing by the house, see the property, learn more information, and possibly make an offer. Normally, the current homeowner would need to stay away from the house during the event, while their real estate agent fields potential buyers. The end goal of all open houses is the ultimate sale of the property, and an open house allows more buyers access to the home in a short time frame.

What is Involved with Setting Up an Open House?

Setting up an open house takes a lot more work than may first be apparent. The date and location need to be announced in the proper local outlets, such as newspapers, community event boards and the like. The property itself, needs to be well cleaned and strategically staged for best results. First impressions are key when it comes to Napa, CA, real estate.

The Advantages of an Open House

While hosting an open house takes work, there are many advantages to doing so, which include:

  • Gets the public talking about the property through publicity
  • Attracts buyers who would not request a showing otherwise
  • Shows off features of the property that cannot be adequately described in listings or other advertisements

Overall, an open house could secure a buyer quicker than other methods; however, if the property is in high demand, or there is a chance for multiple offers, an open house may not be necessary.

To learn more about the advantages of holding an open house for Napa CA real estate, please contact Connie and Jamie directly.


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