The role that a good real estate agent in Napa CA plays is often a juggling act across a broad range of industries and talents. They’ll stage and market your home only after analyzing every inch of the property and evaluating its current value. Then they’ll fight for every dollar of your asking price at the negotiating table, and counsel you when hiccups occur along the way (Spoiler Alert: buying and selling Napa Valley real estate can be a roller coaster of emotions for some homeowners).

If you break it all down and isolate each of these roles, the thought might cross your mind to take on one or more, yourself. You’ve cleaned up around the house before and you’re very creative, so staging it shouldn’t be a problem. Your neighbors a few houses down sold for 700K so your house has to be worth at least that. There are plenty of FSBO (For Sale By Owner) websites for you to find a buyer, which ultimately would save you from paying commission.

And yet, even with all of these potentially valid points on the table, hiring a real estate agent in Napa CA is still the best option for getting your home sold and putting more money in your pocket.

Let the Numbers Do The Talking

Simply put, having an agent sell your home will net you more money than if you sold it without one, and this statement is backed by numbers that may surprise you. Statistics from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) show that FSBO homes don’t just sell for less than agent-represented homes, they do so at a staggeringly large margin. Just how large is that difference? In 2019 the number was around 80,000 dollars, which is no drop in the bucket by virtually anybody’s standards.

And it’s for this reason that almost 90% of homeowners chose to acquire the services of a qualified agent that same year, also according to the NAR’s data.

Does This Cover Commissions in Napa Homes For Sale?

While commissions can vary from one brokerage to the next, almost all Napa homes for sale factor in a commission rate of between five and six percent. Of course, not all of that money goes to the listing agent. The buyer’s agent will receive half of it for their role in the buying process. On a 700,000 dollar home, that six percent works out to 42,000 dollars; which leaves you with an extra 38,000 dollars in your pocket because you chose to list with an agent.

Real Estate Agents in Napa CA Who Know Your Neighborhood

When it comes to Napa homes for sale, you’ll want to trust a reputable agent that has a proven track record of success in your neighborhood. Connie & Jamie have helped Napa home buyers and sellers for over 16 years and counting! Contact us today for a free consultation and evaluation of your home.