It may be a total chore to get your home ready for sale. And it’s even more of a burden to find a new place to live, especially during the holidays. Napa realtors, just like realtors anywhere, see a lull around the end of the year. But that is an opportunity for savvy real estate sellers and purchasers. Why? By having your homes for sale in Yountville, CA, or anywhere in the valley ready by January 1st, you will be ahead of the tidal wave of new sellers coming into the market. There’s a lot to think about, but here are a few ideas to get started when looking for or selling homes for sale in Yountville, CA.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

We often forget to stop and get rid of the junk that piles up around the house. A Napa realtor would echo what pretty much any realtor would say: make sure there’s no useless stuff lying around. A clean and tidy home really makes for a great showing and will let your home stand out amongst its competition.

Chat with local realtors

A Napa realtor will be able to tell you how much your home may sell for in general, but if you specifically mention that you are looking to sell in the spring, you may get a different number. They could also get you names of people whom you may want to connect with before you start making big changes to the home. They can also connect you to other professionals who can help bring value to the house pre-sale.

Check the property to make sure you find all possible maintenance problems

Homes for sale in Yountville, CA need upkeep just like anywhere else. Translation: have a look around your property line for busted sprinklers, cracks in the walls, paint peeling, anything that could make your property look less-than-desirable to a potential buyer.

Think of your new home and financing options

After all is said and done when you sell your homes for sale in Yountville, CA, where are you going to move to? Make sure you have an idea of neighborhoods or towns that you would like to make the jump to. A Napa realtor will also be able to refer you to a great lender so you can get a better idea of what financing you can get for your next home!

Be sure to contact a local Napa realtor like Connie & Jamie and let them help you sell your home for the most that it is worth or let them help you find your new home today. Contact them today on their website or by calling 707-480-5557 as they are looking forward to helping you into your new home.