Even though we are still in the midst of sheltering in place there’s still a ton of great redecorating to be had this summer! Napa homes for sale, just like any home, could use a touch up now and again and real estate agents in Napa, CA would be the first folks to ask if you would like to redecorate before selling. That being said, there’s always fun little ways to change things up while you are staying at home this summer and any of the great Napa homes for sale will certainly be a fantastic canvas. But let’s look at a few good ways to start the revamp party with a few core suggestions:

Flowy curtains:

These will certainly add a bit of flare and luxury to any Napa homes for sale and will be a great way to accentuate those cool maritime breezes that come up the valley.

Frame a Map:

Getting a personalized framed map of your favorite vacation destination will definitely bring an uplifting feel to any room. Reliving the great trips of old will make the room feel more like home.


If you are the nautical type, bringing in a big piece of coral or another decorative piece for the unused fireplace in the summer is always a nice touch. Real estate agents in Napa, CA may have some wine country themed ideas in mind.

Revamp your Bar:

It’s summer so that means mojitos and tropical mixed drinks are on the table! Napa homes for sale will always welcome a new space to enjoy a delicious cocktail and will certainly make real estate agents in Napa, CA take notice.

Hanging garden:

This fun little addition to an outdoor dining space can really make the space pop. Napa homes for sale often will have a farming or viticulture theme so bringing in a little bit of gardening will help make your dining scene lively.

Fire pit:

Adding an outdoor fire pit will do wonders for almost any property in the valley. Real Estate agents in Napa, CA can attest that having a place to roast s’mores and stargaze at night can really be something that can make your piece of wine country heaven stand out. It may just be the thing that wins a prospective buyer over!