Are you putting up houses for sale in Napa? What’s the condition of the home? If your answer is anything but great, consider some home improvement projects that will get you the biggest bang for your buck. When it comes to renovations, some are more worth it than others. Check out these valuable projects and maximize your profits when putting up property for sale in Napa.

Garage Door Replacement

This is the exterior of your home – it’s what people see first and it needs to impress. Signs of a broken garage can make potential buyers think that there’s some bad structuring inside the home. Before you list houses for sale in Napa, make sure to remove and dispose of a bad door and tracks and install new functional ones. The ROI is usually over 90%.


If your property for sale Napa home has a bad roof, you’re going to have a hard time enticing buyers. This again is the outside of the home (note the pattern) and more than anything is a clue to the buyer about the structural condition of the home. A bad roof can lead to a bad sale. Houses for sale in Napa that take on this project can see an increased ROI.

Front Door

Following the above pattern, your next evaluation should be the front door. This is your real first impression. Most buyers want a steel door when looking at houses for sale in Napa, but if you’re not ready to replace yours, consider a fresh coat of paint (if the door is in good condition). This will increase your chance of selling that property for sale in Napa.

Minor Kitchen/Bath Remodel

Note, minor. We’re talking re-grouting, re-caulking, replacing hardware and doors of cabinets. If the foundation of the cabinets is good but the visible doors are not, change the doors. If the grouting is sloppy, tidy it up and re-do. Remember, it’s about minor changes with a big impact. Houses for sale in Napa should look functional and clean. See how Connie and Jamie can help with your property for sale Napa home.

Connie and Jamie Can Help You Choose the Right Remodel

Putting up property for sale in Napa means meeting a specific standard. Home improvements should be enough to get your home sold with the biggest ROI. Our extensive experience when dealing with houses for sale in Napa means we have the know-how to ensure a smooth selling process. Browse our property for sale in Napa and homes for sale in Napa and discover how we can help you buy or sell today.