Knowing what aspects, you need to focus on when getting your home ready to sell can be overwhelming. You want to make sure the home is presented in the right light to attract buyers, but at the same time you would rather avoid investing a lot more into the property. Here are three areas that should be addressed before listing Napa Valley homes for sale.

Think Like a Buyer

An experienced realtor in Napa should be able to help you figure out what aspects of the home should improve prior to listing; however, as sellers, it’s important you have a solid understanding of how buyers will view your home. Before listing the home, step back and walk around the property. View it as if you personally were buying the home. Make a note of anything could be counted against the property using the following as a guide.

Listen for Annoying, Unnecessary Sounds

During the walk through, make sure you open every door and drawer throughout the home. Listen for squeaks, creaks, or other sounds that simply shouldn’t be there. Often these can be easily fixed with a little oil or a spare nail; however, buyers will want to avoid homes with too many annoying squeaks or mysterious sounds. 

If it is Broken, Fix it

Over time, homes undergo normal wear and tear. For the most part, this wear only affects the visual appeal of the property and can be easily repaired with minimal investment. While looking around the home, pay close attention for:

  • Torn window screens
  • Loose trim or molding
  • Damaged fixtures
  • Blown light bulbs
  • Missing outlet face plates
  • Holes or cracks in the drywall
  • Cracked tile
  • Leaky faucets or slow drains
  • Other small damages

Keep it Clean and Tidy

Buyers are picky, and rightly so; Napa Valley homes for sale are a major investment. As such, it’s important to make sure your home is ready before you list it with a realtor in Napa. Besides the standard housekeeping, consider doing the following, among others:

  • Clean out window and sliding door tracks
  • Remove lint and dust from air vents
  • Remove weeds from garden beds
  • Clean scruff marks on walls and floors
  • Shampoo carpets and rugs

Attention to Detail Goes a Long Way

When evaluating your home keep an eye out for the details. Would the space benefit from a good deep cleaning or should you put down a fresh coat of paint? These details can add up and can sometimes mean the difference between sitting on the listing pages and selling quickly. 

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