We spend a lot of time helping people look for homes for sale in Napa, and that goes beyond simply showing people beautiful properties in the valley.   We are investing the time to educate people on what it will mean to buy in the Napa Valley and give them important tips on how to protect their investment.

One thing we’ve discovered is that many people looking at property for sale don’t understand all of the limitations of homeowners’ insurance.   Home insurance does not cover everything, and while every policy is different, there are things that are usually left out of standard policies.

So, if you’re thinking purchasing a home, you should be aware of those limitations when doing your research.

4 Things Home Insurance Typical Won’t Cover on Napa Homes for Sale

1 – Earthquakes

This is a big one in California since most of the state is on a fault line.  Earthquake insurance exists, but it’s going to be a separate policy or an add-on.  Likewise, sinkholes are not typically covered, but are commonly part of earthquake insurance.

2 – Home Renovations

Planning on renovating a fixer-upper?  In most cases, your homeowners’ policy will not cover damage done if the renovations go awry.  It also won’t cover accident or injury to bystanders during the work, you’ll need a separate renovation policy for that.

3 – Historic Repairs

This could potentially be an issue, given how many historically significant properties can be for sale in Napa.  If there is a local historical society with authority over your repairs/renovations, insurance policies will generally cap the amount they pay.  If your rare 19th century cottage roof requires rare 19th century shingles to fix up, it’s probably coming out of your pocket.

4 – Slow Leaks

It might sound surprising, but flood damage policies generally only cover rapid water-related events.  If the damage is done by something like a dripping pipe within the wall which isn’t found for months or years, that is probably not going to be covered by insurance.  Inspections during your escrow period can help identify if there are existing plumbing issues.

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