The holidays are not the normal time of year to make a big move, but if you decide to make the move you can often get a fantastic deal on a new home! Real estate agents in Napa, CA just like anywhere else, will see a lull in interest from buyers during the later part of the year, putting the savvy purchaser in a prime position to find the right property. While there are a ton of great tips to help get you into the home of your dreams, we thought we’d give a few of the most important to get you started on your search!

Find investors/builders with too much inventory

Most people don’t realize that often speculators will overbuild homes in new developments. Homes for sale St. Helena, CA may not always fall into this category, but by checking with investors you can sometimes find homes that they are willing to let go for a better price just to get it off their books.

Get yourself an agent with his or her pulse on the market

Well-connected real estate agents in Napa, CA are incredibly valuable. They will often have quality homes for sale that haven’t been listed yet and know what is coming around in the local marketplace. Real estate agents in Napa, CA have a unique market and incredible properties come across their paths often, so be sure to find a responsive agent!

Ask your agent about “Pocket Listings”

These are listings that are more exclusive than the average homes for sale St. Helena, CA. Pocket listings are more private as often sellers will only want qualified buyers to come to look at their home or want more privacy surrounding the sale. This is a prime example of the unique properties mentioned in tip #2. Real estate agents in Napa, CA will have high-end properties come up with this designation.

Find a seller who needs to unload quickly

Looking for a distressed property can help put you in a position to get a good deal on your new house. Homes for sale St. Helena, CA may be owned by someone who had a life event or change in income and needs to get rid of their property. This gives you as a buyer a lot of leverage to negotiate a good price.

While you are considering where to move rest assured that real estate agents in Napa CA like those at Connie & Jamie have your best interest in mind and want to help put you in the right home for you and your family.